There are many factors to measure company standards. The three main factors are:


Our company is highly qualified to meet safety standards. All our drivers must attend and attain
the certificate for Defensive driving for safe driving on- and off-road.
The majority of our drivers are qualified first aiders trained by the American Heart Association.
In addition, our chefs are trained in food hygiene and safety.


All our vehicles are fitted with IVMS (In Vehicle Monitoring System) systems which monitor
the driving behaviour and restrict speed to 119 km/hr on black top roads
and 78 km/hr off-road. All vehicles are fitted with high standard safety equipment
including rollover bars, fire extinguishers and first aid kit.


Our team consists of high standard professionals with more than a decade of experience.
We managed to win awards regarding HSE (health, safety and environment).
Our achievement is driving over 2 million kilometres LTI (lost time incident) free.