Wadi shab (DAY Tour)

Duration: ca. 11 hrs. – 580 km
Bimah Sink Hole, Wadi Shab. Tiwi to Sur, Bibi Mariam Mosque, Ruins of Qalhat.

Depart from Muscat early morning, we are travelling via the Quiriyat coastal road. Stop at Bimah Sink Hole, which used to be a cavern before its roof collapsed. Now its bottom is filled with a pristine crystal clear salt water lake.Then at Wadi Shab experience an easy hike into one of Oman's most scenic wadis. The word 'Shab' means ‘Ravine between cliffs'.

We continue through Tiwi to Sur, stopping to view the ancient ruins of Qalhat. See the remarkable Bibi Mariam Mosque, which was built on a hill beside the harbor with the walls covered with blue ceramic tiles. Bibi Mariam was an important woman in history, this amazing structure is also believed to be her tomb.

At Sur we visit the Souq which showcases some of the most amazing Omani craftsmanship. We will also go to see the infamous Omani Dhows, traditional wooden ships still skillfully made by hand to this day.

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