Nakhl | Rustaq (day tour)

Duration:  ca. 8 hrs
Barka Fort, Souq, Nakhl Fort. Al Thawara Hot Spring, Rustaq Fort, Al Khasfa hot spring, Al Hazam Town and castle

Depart Muscat at 08:00 hrs and proceed to Barka, visit the Barka Fort and traditional Souq. We proceed to Nakhl Fort which stands on a rocky outcrop overlooking extensive date plantations. Afterwards, we stop at the Al Thawra Hot Spring which is a popular picnic spot.

We then head to Rustaq, which was once the capital of the region and has always been an important trading centre between the coast and the mountains. Here you will find one of the oldest and tallest forts in the district surrounded by protecting watch towers. There are many rooms in Rustaq Fort; it also boasts a mosque, weapons' rooms, a prison and reception area.

The tour continues to Al Khasfa Hot Spring then to Al Hazm Castle. This was built by Imam Sultan Bin Seif (the 2nd) in 1711 AD (1123 AH) when he established Al Hazm Town as a capital of Oman instead of Rustaq. Al Hazm Castle is distinctive from other Omani castles and forts because of its magnificent shape and massive structure. It contains the tomb of its builder, Imam Sultan Bin Seif (the 2nd).

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