Jebal Shams (Day tour)

Duration: ca. 11 hrs – 500 km
Wadi Fanja, Sumail Gap, Hajir Mountains, Bahla Fort and Wall, Bahla Souq, Al Hamra village, Wadi Ghul, Jebal Shams.

Depart Muscat at 07:30 hrs. Stop in Fanja for a spectacular panoramic view of Wadi Fanja and then proceed through Sumail Gap between the Hajar Mountains to Bahla.

Visit the Bahla Fort and Wall, with its walls and towers of unbaked mudbrick built between the 12th and 15th centuries and massively restored by 2012. Walk along the extensive wall with its sentry walk and watchtowers enclosing the settlement of mud brick houses. Thereafter visit the Bahla Souq which is a short distance from the Fort and seek out its treasure throve of craftsmanship with traditional Khanjars and copper artefacts in addition to Omani sweets (Halwa). This Souq is famous for its active commercial activity.

We continue our drive to Al Hamra village, Wadi Ghul and the mighty Jebal Shams (the Mountain of the Sun). Being the highest mountain in Oman, it proudly stands over 3,000 meters or almost 10,000 feet high. It has stunning views of the Grand Canyon elevated about 2,000 meters above sea level.

From this vantage point you can enjoy both the cool weather and the breathtaking views. At this altitude, the temperature can be quite cold and it is recommended that guests bring some warm clothing.

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