Geological | scientific Tours

Shuram has more than a decade of experience in organizing and safely executing excursions for professionals of regional and international oil companies, universities and colleges. Geological field trips covering almost the whole range of structural and rock formation settings can be arranged for large groups. Rocks more than 700 million years old to very recent age are openly exposed offering analogues for many Middle Eastern and other oil and gas reservoirs for detailed study opportunities.

Oman holds also the largest exposed sections of the Earth's mantle, thrust up by plate tectonics millions of years ago. The mantle rocks contain peridotite, a rock that reacts with carbon dioxide in air and water to form marble and limestone. Currently an Oman Drilling Project is ongoing in order to better understand the process and to establish whether it could be used to lower the carbon dioxide levels in the earth's atmosphere.

Oman’s geology and scenery is unique, and often breath-taking. Therefore, field excursions are not only interesting for professionals, but also for visitors and traveller's exploring the beauty of Oman.

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